Distance Education Challenges + Strategies: Students’ Perspectives

Last month, two BAE professors discussed the benefits, challenges and strategies of distance education (DE) at NC State in the blog “Distance Education Challenges + Strategies: Professors’ Perspectives.” This month, it’s the students’ turn to share their insight. We know DE may be daunting for those who have never participated in an online course or[…] Read More

Distance Education Challenges + Strategies: Professors’ Perspectives

Distance Education (DE) has basically revolutionized the way students can earn an education, especially for individuals who are already in a career or located far from universities. While offering students unique access to education, DE can present some challenges to students. We recently spoke with Dr. Paige Puckett and Dr. John Classen about their experience[…] Read More

Chadi Sayde: Precision Agriculture for Water Management

Last month’s blog “BAE’s Version of the 3MT Competition” revealed that this BAE event was a big hit with students and faculty alike. In this experimental presentation, students asked their professors to present their research as a twist on the original 3MT. Professors used the opportunity as a way for students to learn more about[…] Read More

BAE’s Version of the 3MT Competition

Last month, in the Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department at NC State, faculty, staff and students participated in their very own version of a national competition called the Three-Minute Thesis (3MT). But in this competition, the faculty were the ones to present their research in a succinct way — to clearly and concisely explain their[…] Read More

ASABE Meeting: What We Learned

This year NC State hosted the North Carolina American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers State Section Meeting. In September, faculty and students from the BAE programs at NC State and NC A&T gathered to discuss this year’s topic: Engineering for a Sustainable Tomorrow. Speaking with participants of the event, we discovered more about what[…] Read More

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