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BAE Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Celso Castro-Bolinaga and Sediment Transport

Biological and Agricultural Engineering has an enormous amount of applications, as we’ve learned in past months. But in this month’s Biological and Agricultural Engineering Online Blog, we look at just one more way BAE impacts the world around us. We spoke to Dr. Celso Castro-Bolinaga, a former hydraulic project engineer from Venezuela who is now[…] Read More

Topics in Biological and Agricultural Engineering: Learning about Aquaculture Engineering with Dr. Steven Hall

Biological and Agricultural Engineering (BAE) is a complex science containing many different components and sciences. In this month’s BAE Online Blog, we talk to Dr. Steven Hall, an Associate Professor and the Director of Marine Aquaculture Research Center (MARC) in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering. We asked him about his background in Aquaculture[…] Read More

Technology in Biological and Agricultural Engineering: Precision Agriculture

As with most sciences and really any field today, technology plays a larger role than ever before. One technology completely changing the biological and agricultural engineering field is precision agriculture. Precision ag, as it is also known, is an emerging technique that allows agricultural engineers to understand, analyze and optimize agriculture like never before. Read[…] Read More

What Do Biological Engineers Do? Taking a Cue from Famous Agricultural Engineers

Curious about pursuing higher education in biological and agricultural engineering? In this month’s Biological and Agricultural Engineering (BAE) Online Blog, we take a look at the question: What do biological engineers do? We also show examples of famous agricultural engineers and their contributions to modern agriculture, farming and society. What is the typical day of[…] Read More

Biological and Agricultural Engineering: Past and Present

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE), the professional society for the field, defines biological and agricultural engineering as “the discipline of engineering that applies engineering principles and the fundamental concepts of biology to agricultural and biological systems and tools, ranging in scale from molecular to ecosystem level, for the safe efficient and[…] Read More