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Distance Education Challenges + Strategies: Students’ Perspectives

Last month, two BAE professors discussed the benefits, challenges and strategies of distance education (DE) at NC State in the blog “Distance Education Challenges + Strategies: Professors’ Perspectives.” This month, it’s the students’ turn to share their insight. We know DE may be daunting for those who have never participated in an online course or[…] Read More

Distance Education Challenges + Strategies: Professors’ Perspectives

Distance Education (DE) has basically revolutionized the way students can earn an education, especially for individuals who are already in a career or located far from universities. While offering students unique access to education, DE can present some challenges to students. We recently spoke with Dr. Paige Puckett and Dr. John Classen about their experience[…] Read More

Topics in Biological and Agricultural Engineering: Learning about Aquaculture Engineering with Dr. Steven Hall

Biological and Agricultural Engineering (BAE) is a complex science containing many different components and sciences. In this month’s BAE Online Blog, we talk to Dr. Steven Hall, an Associate Professor and the Director of Marine Aquaculture Research Center (MARC) in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering. We asked him about his background in Aquaculture[…] Read More

What Do Biological Engineers Do? Taking a Cue from Famous Agricultural Engineers

Curious about pursuing higher education in biological and agricultural engineering? In this month’s Biological and Agricultural Engineering (BAE) Online Blog, we take a look at the question: What do biological engineers do? We also show examples of famous agricultural engineers and their contributions to modern agriculture, farming and society. What is the typical day of[…] Read More

Biological and Agricultural Engineering at NC State: What’s in Store This Year

It’s that time of year again: School is back in full swing, and the holidays are just around the corner. Some of you may already anxiously await your finals while others nervously prepare for looming application deadlines. Whether you’re a current student or looking to be a student, the Biological and Agricultural Engineering Online blog[…] Read More