Ecological Engineer

Integrate the principles of ecosystems with technology and man-made structures, including infrastructure. Green up the planet as an ecological engineer.

ecological engineer jobsWhat Does Working as an Ecological Engineer Look Like?

Apply principles and tools available in nature to engineering projects, and utilize natural processes to benefit society.

Ecological engineers typically:

  • Design, produce, maintain and support ecologically friendly projects, products and processes.
  • Restore natural ecosystems for societal and environmental benefits.
  • Improve efficiency of industrial systems through ecological principles.
  • Minimize industrial impact on ecological systems.

To work in this field, you need to possess deep knowledge of ecology and engineering. It is expected that you will be creative, innovative, practical and environmentally conscientious.

Ecological Engineer Salary and Forecast

Ecological engineers earn a national median salary of $62,820 (as of 2016).

ecological engineer salary

Job opportunities in the industry are growing at a rate of 9-13%, with North Carolina leading the way with a job opportunity growth rate of 16%.

ecologist jobs

What Education is Required to Work as an Ecological Engineer?

Most ecological engineers have a master’s degree, and about 20% have a doctorate. About 25% have bachelor’s degree and some graduate level work.

Ecological engineering is a subfield of biological agricultural engineering. The Master of Biological Agricultural Engineering explores the topics necessary for advancement in this career path.

Ecological Engineer Job Opportunities

Find out what employers are looking for. Explore ecological engineering job opportunities.

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