International Development Specialist

Travel. Work for a NGO. Make a difference. Use your engineering skills as an international development specialist.

international development specialist jobsWhat Does Working as an International Development Specialist Look Like?

Think outside of the box while designing and executing engineering solutions.

A career as an international development specialist usually entails:

  • Coordination of project efforts with other contractors or engineers and project managers.
  • Research and planning of project scope and efforts.
  • Recruitment and training of personnel necessary to complete project.
  • Travel and potentially living abroad, dependant on project role.
  • Research and enforcement of applicable regulations and limitations.
  • Knowledge of a foreign language, if applicable.

To work in this field, you need to possess deep knowledge of engineering principles and an ability to network and work with others. You will be expected to know how to propose, plan and evaluate engineering projects.

International Development Specialist Salary and Forecast

Engineers working as international development specialists earn a median salary of $101,320.

agricultural engineer salary, work in international development as an engineer

Job opportunities in the industry are growing at a rate of 2-4%.

agricultural engineering job opportunities, work as an international development specialist

What Education is Required to Work as an International Development Specialist?

Most international development specialists have a master’s degree in engineering and a graduate level certificate or doctoral degree in their area of expertise.

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International Development Specialist Job Opportunities

Find out what employers are looking for. Explore international development specialist job opportunities.

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