Biological and Agricultural Engineering Online Programs

Biological and Agricultural Engineering Online Programs PHOTO BY ROGER WINSTEAD

Researchers Mike Burchell and Doug Frederick look over restored wetlands on Centennial Campus. Photo by Roger Winstead.


Welcome to the Biological and Agricultural Engineering online programs at NC State University.

The world today is dependent on biological and agricultural systems in the production of food, feed, fiber and renewable fuels; and the conservation of our natural resources. Today’s engineering and technology graduates must be qualified to contribute to our rapidly expanding technology base and to play an integral part in the decision-making process.

NC State University offers two Biological and Agricultural Engineering online programs: a Graduate Certificate in Biological and Agricultural Engineering, and a Masters of Biological and Agricultural Engineering (MBAE) Degree. Graduates from this department are engineers who develop solutions to problems in biology and agriculture. Problem areas include biomechanics, tissue engineering, food processing and preservation, water and waste management, air and water quality control, environmental control for animal and plant production systems, and machine systems for agricultural and biological systems.

Those interested in taking individual courses without enrolling in a degree or certificate program can take graduate-level courses in Biological and Agricultural Engineering as a Non-Degree Studies student. To learn more about enrolling as an NDS student or registering for courses, visit our Apply page.