Project Manager

Motivate. Inspire. Plan, direct or coordinate engineering activities as a project manager.

engineering project managerWhat Does Working as a Project Manager Look Like?

Project management jobs typically require organizational and people skills.

A career in project management usually entails:

  • Project management, both high level and detailed, dependent on client needs.
  • Visualizing and articulating integration of work plans and efforts.
  • Analysis and development of project plans both high level and detailed.
  • Gather project requirements.
  • Communicate roles and responsibilities to individuals, promoting teamwork and achievement of goals in a timely manner.

To work in this field, you need to possess deep knowledge of engineering. You will be expected to know how to plan and execute engineering projects on a large scale. You will also need excellent interpersonal skills and be able to work with a variety of personalities.

Project Manager Salary and Forecast

Project managers may work independently, for a consultancy or for a corporation. Professionals working in engineering project management earn a national median salary of $133,300 (as of 2016). 

project manager salary

Job opportunities in the industry are growing at a rate of 2-4%, with North Carolina leading the way with a job opportunity growth rate of 9%.

What Education is Required to Work as a Project Manager?

Most project managers have a master’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a graduate level certificate in their area of expertise.

Project Manager Job Opportunities

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